Sloan Smith

Assistant Regional Manager, Construction Services


About Sloan Smith

Sloan Smith has 9 years of experience in construction management and practices, field inspections, and general contract administration. His project experience includes Project Management as well as Lead Inspector on various MoDOT projects.  He has experience in concrete bridge deck replacement, asphalt roadway construction, box culvert construction,  guardrail installation, excavation, full and partial depth roadway repairs, roadway signal and lighting, concrete curb and gutter, and roadway pavement marking.

Sloan is skilled at collaborating and communicating with the design team, owner and the contractors to expedite corrections or changes in the contract documents, as well as, anticipating the project schedule and needs.  He is also experienced in working with DBE sub-contractors and coordinating a myriad of daily duties and responsibilities among contractors.

Innovation. Agility.
Reliability. Horner & Shifrin.