Zach Lawrence, sUAS Pilot

GIS Analyst


About Zach Lawrence, sUAS Pilot

Zach Lawrence is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst who leads Horner & Shifrin’s LiDAR field operations.  His experience includes using ArcGIS and other related programs to complete various projects for clients.  He is proficient with using the latest technology and software including ArcGIS, AutoDesk, ERDAS Imagine, Microstation, Pix4D, TopoDOT, and Trimble Trident imaging hub. Along with his GIS expertise, Zach has more than seven years of field survey experience and is proficient in the use of GPS, Total Station, Stationary LiDAR, Mobile (Geoslam, Topcon & Trimble) LiDAR, and Aerial (Rotor & fixed-wing) acquisition platforms. Along with LiDAR collection, Zach works on the backend GIS platforms.

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