39 North – Olive/Lindbergh Interchange

St. Louis Economic Development Partnership

Horner & Shifrin performed LiDAR, boundary and topographic survey services and reconfigured the bridge structure for this key interchange in St. Louis County.


Horner & Shifrin reconfigured the bridge structure at the Olive/Lindbergh interchange to change the existing cloverleaf interchange to a folded diamond interchange. This move allows for better district circulation, creates redevelopment space on the northside of the interchange, and accommodates bikes and pedestrians over the bridge. This project is a priority project for the 600-acre 39°N AgTech Innovation District in Creve Coeur, Missouri.

The project involved reconfiguration of the existing adjacent box beam structure, relocation of raised median, construction of separated sidewalks, and application of an epoxy polymer overlay. Aesthetic enhancements include form liner pedestrian barriers, ornamental fence, lighting, tinted concrete sealer, and exposed aggregate median pavement.

In addition, Horner & Shifrin performed LiDAR, boundary and topographic survey services of Olive and Lindbergh interchange and roadways bounded by Old Olive, Monsanto Drive, Spoede, and Warson roads as part of the streetscape and bridge improvements for the 39°N AgTech Innovation District in Creve Coeur, Missouri. The topographic survey was conducted using a combination of mobile LiDAR and traditional survey techniques to collect all roadway, sidewalk, SUE level C subsurface utilities, storm and sanitary, and adjacent property features.

Survey staff conducted property and title research, located boundary/ROW monuments, established corridor ROW, prepared legal descriptions for corridor ROW and adjoining properties within the project area, and ROW vacation plats and legal descriptions for the north ramps along Olive Blvd. TopoDOT and Microstation were used to create bare earth surfaces and feature extraction to create existing topographic survey for engineering design plans. In addition, previous task order surveys conducted by Horner & Shifrin of adjoining intersection AutoCAD surveys were integrated into the final deliverables.

In conjunction with this project, Horner & Shifrin received an additional task order for boundary and topographic surveying including a boundary survey of the Interchange Right Of Way (ROW) and adjoining parcels for the eventual release of public ROW to private ownership in conjunction with the 39°N AgTech Innovation District.




Creve Coeur, Missouri

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