3D Warehouse Building Scan

Delta 3 Engineering


Horner & Shifrin was contacted by Delta 3 Engineering to complete a 3D scan of 183,000 sq. ft. building in Marion, Iowa where foundation had been completed and steel support structures erected. Our scanning services were requested to capture as-built conditions for Delta 3 in order for their engineers to check plumbness of the support beams and monitor any constructions flaws. Our survey crews were able to deploy our Leica 3D scanner to create a 3D point cloud of the building and foundation. Site control was checked and utilized to tie down the 3D scan. Our crew was able to complete the scan and control survey, post process the 3D scan data, and export it to CAD well under the time frame requested by Delta 3.


Project Scope



Site Size

183,000 sq. ft


Marion, Iowa

Year Completed


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