IL 1 / US 45 Bridges

IDOT, Region 4, District 7

Horner & Shifrin designed three bridge replacements for IDOT, District 7.


Horner & Shfirin developed Phase II construction plans for the replacement of three highway/stream structures:  US 45 over Raccoon Creek, US 45 over Endsley Creek, and US 45 over Branch of Deer Creek.  US 45 over Racoon Creek is a 3 span steel superstructure with ingetral abutments and pile bent piers.  US 45 over Endsley Creek is a 17” adjacent PPC Deck beam replacement superstructure replacement. US 45 over branch of Deer Creek is a new dual cell box culvert.

Horner & Shifrin was responsible for Phase II design of the two bridges and box culvert.  All three structures required staged construction to maintain traffic and the existing alignment.


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Rinard, Illinois

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