Pontoison Drive Stormwater Improvements

City of Manchester, Missouri


Horner & Shifrin provided construction services for the Pontosion Stormwater Project which included removal of “Clearing” items listed in the Standard Construction Specifications for Sewers and Drainage Facilities, Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District along with the removal of 12 trees on the project.

H&S personnel supervised the use of “RECP” Rolled Erosion Control Product for erosion protection and removal and replacement of permanent fence material.  Utility coordination involved work with a Certified Arborist to take steps to preserve and protect trees that were indicated on the project plans.  Connection of Storm Sewer to Existing Structure involved placement of 4 Single Area Inlets, placement of 12 & 18 inch PVC Pipes, Erosion Control devices and the protection and restoration of the site.


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Manchester, Missouri

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