Route 100 Resurfacing

MoDOT, St. Louis District


Horner & Shifrin provided qualified inspectors to work as part of a larger inspection team for improvements including pavement rehabilitation and resurfacing, ADA upgrades, 4 new retaining walls, and signal replacements to 2.41 miles of Route 100 from I-270 to Route 61-67 (Kirkwood Road) in St. Louis County. H&S provided professional, technical and other personnel, equipment, material, and all other things necessary for field inspection of the pavement rehabilitation, resurfacing, ADA upgrades, and signal replacement along the route.  H&S staff was knowledgeable and experienced in the types of construction work to be performed on the project. H&S staff are Advanced Work Zone certified, technician certified in concrete field, concrete strength and soils testing, and certified in MoDOT stormwater/erosion inspection and reporting.

H&S construction administration staff  were involved in field inspections of all work and contract activities, on-site quality assurance materials testing, erosion inspection and reporting, traffic control reviews, project documentation, material reporting, measurement and payment, attendance of project related meetings, close out of customer call reports, wage rate interviews, commercial useful function reviews. H&S staff also assisted with change orders, estimate generation and as-built documents for the project. H&S staff used MoDOT’s AASHTOWare Project program for all project documentation and record keeping. The H&S staff reported directly to the Resident Engineer located at the Chesterfield Project Office in St. Louis County. Project is ongoing.


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St. Louis County, Missouri

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