Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

City of Birch Tree, Missouri

Horner & Shifrin assisted in preparing funding applications to secure grant funding for sewer improvements.


Birch Tree has had wastewater collection and treatment problems for many years. Their new mayor decided that it was time to stop the inflow and infiltration problems that had recently brought the system under a compliance schedule by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. In late 2012, the City hired Horner & Shifrin to write a Preliminary Engineering Report which explained their problems, quantified the most economical rehabilitative effort and helped them to seek low-interest loans and grants through the Federal Government.
The completed report was used to secure a 33-year 2.5% interest loan in the amount of $727,000. The remaining $1,227,000 was acquired through USDA-Rural Development and Community Development Block Grants (63% Grant).
The project included rehabilitation to both the collection and treatment systems. Approximately ½ of the system’s existing 40,000 feet of mains and manholes were lined to eliminate inflow and infiltration. In addition, significant upgrades to the City’s existing oxidation ditch treatment system were installed. These improvements included new influent pumps, an automated bar screen, new oxidation ditch rotor bearings and motors, clarifier upgrades, a new disc-filter to replace the existing “sock filter”, a new office, and new controls including VFD’s controlled by DO probes in the oxidation ditch.
To help aid in the rehabilitative efforts to reduce I&I, a Geographical Information System (GIS) was established for Birch Tree. Smoke testing was completed throughout town, as well as GPS surveying of the lines within the system.





Birch Tree, Missouri

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