Shredder Relocation

PSC Metals

Horner & Shifrin assisted in the relocation of a scrap metal shredder.


PSC Metals engaged the team of L. Keeley Construction and Horner & Shifrin in the construction of a 200 ton per hour scrap metal shredder at the St. Louis Plant near the McKinley Bridge.  The project was a relocation of the existing shredder from its location at a plant near Alton, Illinois which L. Keeley and Horner & Shifrin had completed in 2009.

Scrap metal is fed and removed from the shredder by 550-ft of conveyors and sorting equipment. Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap sorting lines are included.

Horner & Shifrin provided civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering associated with the installation of the shredder.  Horner & Shifrin was responsible for the design of the conveyor foundations, the shredder building that houses a 4,000 hp electric motor on the second floor, and the associated electric utilities and hydraulic power packs necessary to operate the shredder and the conveyor line. H&S also provided coordination with local utilities and applications for all necessary permits.
An accelerated construction schedule was utilized to minimize the time between purchase of the equipment from the prior owner and bringing it online.  To meet these schedule requirements, foundation drawings were fast tracked to allow the ordering and driving of the steel piles required for the poor soil conditions.


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St Louis, Missouri

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