Environmental Planning and Permitting

Horner & Shifrin’s Environmental Group provides a multitude of services related to planning and permitting for projects ranging from permitting for local entities to complex environmental impact statements and assessments for clients seeking approval for transportation and utility infrastructure projects. With each project, Horner & Shifrin uses state-of-the-art GIS technology to identify the existing environmental conditions and to provide solutions to address engineering, environmental, and development concerns.

Horner & Shifrin’s National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) experience has enabled the staff to work with Federal and State environmental regulatory agencies and provides our clients with a systematic approach for handling all issues and aspects of the human, biological and cultural environment. A role also provided by the environmental staff is to participate in the public involvement process to educate these entities on the environmental resources and concerns within a project study area and in turn, learn from these groups what environmental aspects are important to them.


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