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March 29, 2023

H&S Presents at TEAM Conference

Tom Lohman and Brad Riechmann presented on active DOT projects, Jon Loos participated as a panelist

A group of Horner & Shifrin team members attended the Transportation Engineers Association of Missouri (TEAM) Annual Conference in Branson March 15 – 17.

Brad Riechmann presented alongside a team member from Parsons for ongoing work on the I-270 Mississippi River Bridge and Riverview Drive Interchange projects for IDOT and MoDOT respectively.

This regionally significant major river crossing with new interchange aims to improve both the transportation of goods and commuter traffic in the area. The presentaiton highlighted the cooperation between two state DOT’s and challenges encountered on this project already more than seven years in the making, which commenced construction in late 2022/early 2023.

Brad Riechmann and Theresa Bergquist (Parsons) present on 270 MRB

Tom Lohman presented with teammate HR Green and a MoDOT representative on the replacement of a bridge structure carrying Broadway over I-44 in downtown St. Louis.

The presentation discussed roadway and bridge design challenges encountered for the replacement of the T-shaped, highly skewed bridge carrying Broadway over I-44 in downtown St. Louis.  The crossing is located at the end of the express lanes where one lane exits to Broadway and one lane continues on I-44.  Two bridges (one steel girder and one prestressed concrete girder) were constructed with an MSE wall island between them where the express lane ramp intersects the bridge alignment. The bridges required complex girder framing and required close look at the unique details to assure the bridges could move as needed due to thermal loads. Proprietary ClearCast stay in place forms by TrueTech Bridge were used on the bridge decks.  These forms allow for visual inspection of the bottom of the concrete deck during construction and future safety inspections.

Tom Lohman presents on Broadway over I-44

Jon Loos was a panelist in the Viewpoints from Young Leaders session.

Jon Loos (left) sat on the panel for Viewpoints from Young Leaders

As a conference attendee, John Klein took away a lot from the presenters.

“The presentation on Advancing Digital Project Delivery with Digital Twins was fascinating. It discussed the Interstate Bridge Replacement Program in Oregon and Washington. It was like a glimpse into the future with digital technology and alternative project delivery.  The Autonomous Truck-Mounted Attenuator (ATMA) was another great presentation. Missouri is on the leading edge trying to create a working ATMA to improve safety in workzones. This would be a great safety improvement as MoDOT tries to make this a reality.”

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