Jesse Jonas, PE

Business Unit Leader, Construction Services


About Jesse Jonas, PE

Jesse Jonas is a seventeen year veteran of heavy highway construction administration.  Projects under his direct supervision have ranged from small site restoration contracts to 50 Million dollar highway relocations.  Striving to stay on the leading edge of program delivery, technology, and innovation, Jesse has held positions on major Design-Build projects such as MoDOT’s ‘New I-64’ reconstruction, as well as their ‘Safe & Sound’ 800 Bridge Replacement Program.  Innovative opportunities and partnering with academia have afforded Jesse the privilege to work on the cutting edge of research & technology with products such as Photocatalytic Cement (Smog Eating Concrete), Intelligent Compaction, Pervious Pavement Materials, new Erosion Control BMP’s.

Jesse is happily married to Natalie Jonas, and together they have three children who bring them indescribable joy watching them grow into beautiful young individuals.  Keeping up with the Kardashians is a full-time job, in and of itself, but volunteering with the kids’ school events, attending performances and enjoying athletic competitions are true joys of our after hour lives.  When not running around from activity to activity, Jesse and his family enjoy spending time out in nature and enjoying the beautiful scenery that St Louis has to offer.

Innovation. Agility.
Reliability. Horner & Shifrin.